We've created a Boulder Arts Week Presenter Tool Kit, which you can download HERE! Our goal is to touch as many citizens in the seven county metro area as possible. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Look through the Tool Kit and become familiar with its content; know what is available to you and incorporate it where you can
  • Ensure your staff is well versed in what BAW is and how it applies to your organization; speak about it regularly at staff meetings to ensure staff are up to date and that everyone remains invested in telling the BAW story
  • Incorporate BAW awareness into your front line (ushers, docents, box office, etc.) and volunteer training; ensure everyone with whom the public has contact is familiar with BAW
  • Include BAW messaging where you can--press releases, programs, social media, or just talking to a friend/colleague; become an advocate for BAW, the arts in the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and your organization