Featured Artists: JoLee Wingerson

JoLee Wingerson has provided critical support for Boulder Arts Week by organizing volunteers to conduct surveys, and last week, she'll finally had the chance to participate as an artist. Here, she tells us a little bit about her work as a storyteller.

Describe your work in 10 words or less:

I’m a writer and storyteller.


Tell us about one of your favorite encounters with art in Boulder:

About five years ago at the Dairy Center, I attended a mesmerizing show by a female performance artist. In the work, she supported her performance with spontaneously created layers of music, images, sound, lights and natural elements on her computer to tell the story of the history of life on Earth. It was quite compelling.


If you could collaborate with any artist in Boulder, who would it be and why?

I’d collaborate with Barb Colombo, a passionate and gifted photographer who sees the world through the eyes of love.


What will you be doing for Boulder Arts Week?

On Saturday, March 29, at 10 am, I’ll read three of my children’s stories at Common Threads. Kids up to age 105 are welcome.

Then what?

Organic cookies for everyone!