Featured Event: Celebration of the Arts, a Fundraiser for Boulder Arts Week 2015

Deborah Malden, Arts Liaison at the Boulder Chamber and Boulder Arts Week steering committee member, has been working hard to help make Boulder Arts Week's Inaugural Year a smash. She's spent much of her time putting together the Celebration of the Arts as a Fundraiser for the 2015 Boulder Arts Week, and has managed to score quite an impressive line up of local performers and artists for the event. 

Describe your work in 10 words or less: 

Championing the arts in Boulder!



Tell us about one of your favorite encounters with art in Boulder:  

I saw an early rehearsal of 3rd Law Dance/Theater and Boulder Bach Festival creating Obstinate Pearl for Boulder Arts Week. The dance/music collaboration was awesome.  I wish I had it on video for everyone to see! In theater this season, I loved square product theatre’s Gidion’s Knot, The Catamounts' There Is A Happiness That Morning Is and Boulder Ensemble Theater Company’s Seminar. It’s incredible how much great, challenging theater there is right here in Boulder!  


If you could collaborate with any artist in Boulder, who would it be and why? 

Adam F. Bradley who created The Anthology of Rap. I would love to bring Adam and choreographers Katie Elliott and Nancy Cranbourne together. The blend of rap music, modern dance and jazz would be fabulous!

Gregg Tobo, Astonishing Productions

Gregg Tobo, Astonishing Productions

What will you be doing for Boulder Arts Week?  

Helping the Boulder Chamber do its part to shine a light on the great artists in this town by hosting CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS @ The Boulder Theater on April 2nd.   We have a remarkable group of artists performing, and I hope there’s huge turnout to show support for them and Boulder’s arts community. The $10 ticket price (free to children under 16) will help fund Boulder Arts Week 2015! The lineup includes:  a cappella trio VOXY; a film premiere for the Boulder Tattoo Project;  gospel music Cantabile Singers; magician Gregg Tobo/Astonishing Productions; critically acclaimed musicians Janet Feder, Junior Burke and Paul Fowler; up-and-coming rockers from the School of Rock House Band; powerful jazz dancer Kelsey Kempfer; and more a cappella music from the co-ed, post-collegiate group bFlatirons! Our Master of Ceremonies will be Emily K. Harrison, a theatrical powerhouse (square product theatre) in her own right and Boulder Arts Week’s very own Project Manager.

School of Rock House Band

School of Rock House Band

Then what? 

Planning for Boulder Arts Week 2015! I’ll also be talking to artists, arts organizations and businesses to build an arts council at the Boulder Chamber (if anyone reads this and wants to know more, please contact me!) and getting ready to dance in Nancy Cranbourne’s next dance showcase, baddaboom, at The Dairy in the October. (There’s also a mini-showcase at The Dairy on April 19th.)