Featured Artist: The Boulder Filmmaking Incubator

The Boulder Filmmaking Incubator has big plans for Boulder Arts Week and beyond. Marianne Leviton fills us in on the haps.

Describe your work in 10 words or less:

An environment where filmmakers can share experiences, problem solve, collaborate.

Tell us about one of your favorite encounters with art in Boulder:

Open Studios Tour 2005 – At her studio, Susan Albers had a bench with paper and paints set up for visitors to explore painting. How inviting! My husband and I put paint to paper and became smitten with the creativity. Shortly afterwards, I began studying fine art at academies in Boulder. Now, between film projects, I find I can’t wait to immerse myself in our beautiful, Boulder countryside and create plein air paintings – somehow therapeutic but really, just plain fun.

If you could collaborate with any artist in Boulder, who would it be and why

As filmmakers, we frequently collaborate with all kinds of Boulder artists.  The art of filmmaking is complex and involves creatives from myriad disciplines including fine and graphic artists, composers, cinematographers, performers, writers, etc.  Incubator collaborators include: Mike Scalisi/Editor, Academy Award winner, The Cove; Steve Glotzer/Composer (his music has been featured on shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Knight Rider, and in Diane Sawyers’s documentary, Children of the Mountains); and Jeff Orlowski/Director, Chasing Ice – a Sundance award winner that made Wall Street Journal news and has been screened for Congress.  There’s a reason Boulder has been selected as one of the best towns in the country for filmmakers to live and work in!

What will you be doing for Boulder Arts Week?

On Friday, April 4, 6:30PM – 8:30PM, we will host a free event at Boulder Digital Arts: “The Art of Filmmaking” – an evening of independent films created and presented by Boulder filmmakers.  These filmmakers work in a vast array of styles.  Some work on Hollywood blockbusters, some do commercial/industrial work, and some take a strong, artistic approach and create avant-garde/experimental pieces.  Boulder is also an active center for documentary film production.  On this evening, filmmakers will present their work and then discuss the art and process of filmmaking.  This is sure to be an interesting and entertaining event.   No need to be shy, we’re looking forward to audience questions.

Then what? 

I will be completing a feature documentary, A Line in the Sand, with my production company, Whistling Boulder Productions, Inc.  The Boulder Filmmaking Incubator ­­– now in its 9th year - will continue to meet monthly at Boulder Digital Arts.  We bring in industry speakers such as Colorado Film Commissioner Donald Zuckerman, Vincent Gonzales (1st AD on The Walking Dead), and Meryem Ersoz (supervising producer for Dear Eleanor) to inform and inspire Colorado filmmakers.