Featured Artist: Hippieman

We caught up with local comedian John Novosad, aka Hippieman, to see if he'd be cool sharing his brownie recipe with us. He was like, "no way, man," but was more than willing to answer our questions. Turns out, he's got big plans for Boulder Arts Week, and even bigger plans for America.

Describe your work in 10 words or less:

I am a nationally touring Stand-up comedian.




Tell us about one of your favorite encounters with art in Boulder:

Concerts at the Boulder Theater: Arlo Guthrie, Richard Thompson and Doctor John are a few that come to mind.

If you could collaborate with any artist in Boulder, who would it be and why?

Musicians and dancers to create a variety show that features comedy, music and big production numbers.

What will you be doing for Boulder Arts Week?

I will be performing in Hippieman’s Plan for America on April 3rd at the Dairy Center. It’s a show that illustrates comedic solutions to our country’s problems.

Then what?

I will make a sandwich, eat it and continue to tour comedy clubs across the nation.